Show info and exhibition fees

Euro OES Show 2017
4.6. 2017 – Valtice

Czech republic


Mrs. Pauline Barnes, ( MACOPA kennel)
Intermediate Class, Open Class and Winner Class,  BOB, BOV, BOJ, BOS

Mr. Colin Barnes, ( MACOPA kennel)

Baby Class, Puppy Class, Junior class and Veteran Class, Best Progeny Class, Best Breeder´s Class, Best Couple


Closing dates:      I.   15. 3. 2017       II.   15. 4. 2017


General regulations:

The show is open to males and females registered in FCI recognized studbooks, which reach the age required for the entry into the class on the day of the show.

If not stated otherwise, the judging in the show is conducted in accordance with the FCI and CMKU show regulations.

The organizer of the show is not responsible for any damage caused by a dog or an exhibitor, nor for a death or a loss of a dog. Free movement of dogs, without leashes, is not permitted.

Taking puppies (except puppies registered for the show) to sell at the show is prohibited.

It is forbidden to treat the coat, skin or nose of the dog with anything that changes their texture, colour or shape. Only combing and brushing is allowed. It is also forbidden to tie the dog to the trimming table for longer than is necessary for treatment.

Verbal communication with the dog from outside the ring (ie. Double-handling) is prohibited. It is also forbidden to attract the dog’s attention from outside the ring or any other way (for example, using whistles, toys, feed, calling the dog, etc.). Violation of this rule may result in disqualification of the dog.

When assessing dogs in the ring, they must not be placed "face to face" (facial parts against each other) - see FCI circular 86/210.

If the show has to be cancelled due to a force majeure, all fees will be retained to cover the expenses.

Absence at the show for whatever the reason, does not entitle the participant to reimbursement of their entry fee.

Each entry form must be accompanied by a copy of the pedigree, from which the name of the dog, its registration number, name and address of the owner or co owners and names of dame and sire of the dog can be recognized.

For a dog owned by a club member in connection with the provision of the fee discount will only be considered for male / female owned by a club member with valid membership. In the case of a dog with co-ownership, all co-owners must be club members with valid membership.

Acceptance of a dog to the show will be confirmed in writing at least 10 days before the show. If the owner does not receive the confirmation in time, he/she should ask for a review of their application by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By submitting the application form, the exhibitor agrees with the publishing of his/her address in the show catalogue.

By submitting the entry form, the exhibitor accepts and, is bound by all the FCI show regulations, the CMKU show regulations, the rules and regulations stated herein, and the instructions of the show committee.


Veterinary regulations:

  1. All dogs participating at the show must be clinically healthy.
  2. The dogs must be vaccinated against rabies in accordance with applicable regulations.

  3. Dogs from the Czech Republic must have a passport for small animals or vaccination certificate and must have a valid vaccination against rabies in accordance with § 4 paragraph 1, point f) of veterinary law and be vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis. Dogs coming from EU member states and third countries must be accompanied by a valid pet passport and must fulfill the conditions given by European Parliament and Council Regulation 998/2003 of 26 May 2003.

Dogs who are not listed in the catalogue are excluded from participating in the show. The exceptions are the dogs that are not clearly listed in the catalogue by a fault of the organizer. Also, sick dogs or suspected of disease, injured dogs, bitches in the second half of pregnancy, females lactating and females in season, dogs belonging to persons who are forbidden to exhibit, dangerous dogs - biting and aggressive towards people and dogs, and dogs with cropped ears are excluded from the show.



A protest against the decision of the judge (awards, assignment of placement and titles) is not permitted. Complaints due to formal reasons (breaking regulations or rules) is permitted. The complaint must be submitted in writing and together with a deposit, which is equal to twice the entry fee for the first dog on the first closing date of the show. Complaints/protests can be made only during the show. Complaints/protests will be reviewed by the committee, in the presence of the judge (organizer), to whom the complaint/protest refers. The discussion and the result must be made in writing. Complaints/protests submitted after the show (after completion of the judging in all rings) will not be considered. If the complaint/protest is found to be unjustified, the deposit will be kept by the show organizer.



The division into the classes is in accordance with the Show regulations of CMKU:

Baby Class (4 – 6 months)  
Puppy Class (6 – 9 months)  
Junior Class (9–18 months) CAJC
Intermediate Class (15–24 months) CAC, Res.CAC
Open Class (od 15 months) CAC, Res.CAC
Winner Class (od 15 months) CAC, Res.CAC
Veteran Class (from 8 years)  



To enter a dog into the winner class, a copy of one of the following title certificates must be enclosed with the enrollment form and submitted by the entry close date: International Beauty Champion of the FCI member country, National Winner, Club Show Winner, Specialty Show Winner, European Show winner, World Show Winner. Together with the registration of all dogs in the show it is obligatory to submit a copy of proof of payment of show fees and a two-sided copy of the Pedigree of registered dog (or a copy of the entire Pedigree indicating the dog owner).
In the baby and puppy classes, the first four dogs having obtained the qualification of  very promising and promising, are placed.
In the junior, intermediate, open, working, winner and veteran classes, the first four dogs having obtained the qualification excellent or very good, are placed.




CAJC, CAC, Res.CAC,  BOB, BOS,  , Best Baby of the show, Best Puppy of the show ,Best Junior of the show -  BOJ, Best Veteran of the show -BOV, Winner of  european special show, Best Progeny Class,  Best Couple, Best Breeder´s Class. Awarding of the titles is not compulsory and does not have to be granted.


All Competitions:

Best Couple

This qualification is a male and a female who have been judged at the show, owned or co-owned by the same person. In the case of co ownership all co owners must be the same.The co ownership must be confirmed by a record in the Pedigree.

Breeder's Class

Entering minimum 3 and maximum 5 individuals of either sex, which have been judged at the show. They must come from the same kennel and must have at least two different fathers or mothers. The dogs do not have to be owned by the same person(s).

Progeny Class

Entering male with a minimum of 5 of his offsprings, which have been judged at the show. The type and quality of the breed will be assessed. The Reproduce Male does not have to be judged at the show in normal competition and he does not need to be be present.

Best Veteran


Is chosen from veteran male and veteran female winners, with qualification excellent 1

Best Baby

Is chosen from baby male and baby female class winners, with qualification very promising 1

Best Puppy

Is chosen from puppy male and puppy female class winners, with qualification very promising 1
Winner of   european special show The title is atained by both a male and a female and they are chosen from males and females with qualification CAC from intermediate, open and winner classes.

Best Junior


Is chosen from junior male and junior female class winners, with qualification CAJC
BOB Is chosen from the best of the competition, Winner of european special show male and female, junior male and junior female with qualification CAJC And veteran male and veteran female with qualification excellent 1
BOS Is chosen from the best of the competition of opposite sex than the dog which obtained the title BOB.



Show fees:

Entry will be accepted only with a correctly paid payment and required attachments (copies of both sides of Pedigree, copy of payment receipt. For those entering into the winner class, a copy of the diploma Champion of FCI member country, National winner, Club winner, Special show winner, European winner and World Winner must be attached.

Each exhibitor will receive a catalogue for the first registered dog only.


Closing dates: I. 15.3.2017 II. 15.4.2017
Junior, Intermediate, Open Class, Winner Class, Veteran Class
50 € 57 €
Baby Class, Puppy Class 35 € 38 €
Competitions 10 € 15 €


Informal Dinner in Valtické podzemí.

The price incudes: wine tasting of Valtice's fine wines, a cold and hot buffet, unlimited consumption of wine from the barrel, water plus a souvenir wine glass with logo.


Seminar: MVDr.Eva Vávrová:

,, Hips dysplasia - breeder versus owner "

10 €  
Visit of Valtice Castle (guided tour CZ, DE, EN) 10€  
Lunch - Sunday 4.6. (chicken milanese and traditional Czech potato salad). With the option of a take-away  box.

Gala dinner with music in the castle riding hall. The price includes: cold and hot buffet, unrestricted consumption of beverages of choice for 5 hours: soft drinks, mocha coffee, selection of teas, beer, white and red wine Chateau Valtice

Catalog advertisements cost full page A5/half page A5 (fees must be paid before the final closing date). 40/20 €  





Entry forms should be filled on-line on  or sent  to:

Kateřina Lobovská       
Petrohradská 12
101 00 Prague 10
Czech republic
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information contact:

Karolina Morrison en it fr,
tel: 0033 7 68 70 29 44

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Payment should be made to our bank account:  2901085995/2010
IBAN: CZ6420100000002901085995
Payment identification: payer's mobile phone number
Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1    
Account Holder:
Bobtail club,Bydžovského 18, 108 00 Praha 10. Czech Republic
All bank expences are chargeable to the payer.

Absence at the Euro OES Show 2017 does not constitute a reason for reimbursement.

For more information, review the program and exhibition info.